O que é metaverso?

What is Metaverse?

What are its pillars and how should it affect people's lives going forward?
Alan Monteiro
March 8, 2022

In recent months, the metaverse has proved to be one of the major trends, a term that since the end of 2021 has become one of the most searched words on the internet.

With Facebook’s name change to Meta and the restructuring of the company focused on the metaverse, the world turned to the concept and several brands quickly moved in that direction, such as Disney, Google, Microsoft, Nike, Nvidia, McDonald’s, and so many others that ended up taking the estimated investment of 1.5 trillion dollars by 2030.

In fact, the concept of metaverse is older. The expression “meta” comes from the Greek “beyond”, and when we speak in metaverse, we are talking about something that goes beyond our physical world.

We already have several examples of stories being told and/or lived up to this concept, such as in the book Snow Crash, the Matrix and Player Number 1 movies, second life games, Roblox, Fortnite, Minecraft, The Sims and other major players.

On the other hand, with the technological advances and social aspects created during the pandemic, the implementation of the metaverse accelerated to the maximum.



Even if each metaverse has its rules, we can define metaverse as a digital universe where you, in the form of an avatar, live virtual experiences that may be connected to the real world.  This brings us the 3 pillars of the metaverse:

  1. Avatar, the meta human, the digital identity of a real person.
  2. Metaverse, the virtual environment, the scenario where the avatar frequents.
  3. Experiences, the activities that the person will experience in the metaverse.

This interoperable world will gain more immersion from virtual reality, augmented reality, and will have a decentralized economy based on cryptocurrencies and NFT’s.

  Humano se transformando num avatar digital    


The possibilities are endless. A digital world that simulates real life has application in medicine, education, the shopping experience in e-commerces, the corporate world, the automotive industry, the artistic universe, games and the promotion of brands and inflators that will position themselves as ambassadors of innovation.

We have recently seen news of land and digital works of art being sold at extremely high prices.  It is a form of investment and a stimulus to conquer spontaneous media.

The bet now is that new technological advances will allow, first, a greater cheapness of virtual reality devices, reaching a larger audience, and the improvement of the graphics they generate, increasing the degree of immersion. With this, people would be more attracted to these new realities, in which it would be possible to create avatars, interact with friends, shop, meetings, go to work or school. In a real world where people have come to stay more at home avoiding agglomerations, interaction with friends, work meetings and events are increasingly virtual.

In the metaverse future, people will be able to reproduce all aspects of life in the virtual world, as in the game Fortnite, where singer Ariana Grande performed a show available only para users connected to the game at the time of the show.

The fact is that the metaverse is the new gold rush, where several brands are investing heavily to be the pioneers and conquer their space by sequesting the flag in this new world. And we know that whoever comes first drinks cleaner water.


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